Use of the SDGs in the college and institute sector

The COVID-19 pandemic shows us, more than ever, the importance of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs).Many experts agree that achieving the SDGs would have helped us to better address the current situation, which is both a health and human crisis, and better ensured that no one gets left behind (United Nations, March 2020).

We can and must respond to the new reality that awaits us by strengthening our actions and commitments to the SDGs. In order to be ready to act in this complex transition, CICan is developing an online guide sharing promising and emerging practices related to the SDGs in our member institutions. This toolkit will showcase our members’ SDG-specific practices in as many institutional departments and areas as possible.  

By answering this survey, you will help us make the guide useful and comprehensive, with the goal of providing an accurate picture of the use of the SDGs in our network. Initiatives presented in the guide will inspire others wishing to initiate SDG efforts in their institution and thereby contribute to Canada’s  2030 Agenda National Strategy.  

To facilitate the work of the team behind the creation of this SDG guide, please answer this 10 minute survey by May 8, 2020.  

Please note that you will be able to submit up to ten examples.

Click here for a copy of the questionnaire (PDF).